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Juniper tar soap

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Juniper tar soap 125gr - Natural cleaning and care

(Ardç Katranı Soap)

Experience the deep cleansing and nourishing properties of our handmade juniper tar soap from the Arifoğlu Natür series. This special soap combines the powerful natural benefits of juniper tar to effectively cleanse and nourish both skin and hair.

Product features:

  • Natural and handmade: Each soap is handmade using traditional methods, using only natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality.
  • Deep cleansing: The antiseptic properties of juniper tar thoroughly cleanse the skin and hair, helping to remove impurities and dandruff without drying out the skin.
  • Ideal for sensitive skin: Our juniper tar soap is gentle enough for sensitive skin types and helps soothe and relieve skin irritations.

Areas of application:

  • As a daily body and hair wash: Perfect for daily use, it supports the natural health of your skin and scalp.
  • Soothing for skin problems: Ideal for people who are prone to skin irritations or have sensitive skin.

Why you will love our Juniper Tar Soap:

  • Natural ingredients: Free from artificial additives, parabens and sulfates, our soap offers a safe and natural care option.
  • Environmentally friendly: We rely on sustainable production methods. The soap is biodegradable and the packaging is environmentally friendly.

Use the cleansing and soothing effect of our juniper tar soap for a naturally healthy skin feeling.