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Grape seed peeling

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Natura Misse Grape Seed Peeling 50mL

Experience the revolutionary care of NaturaMisse grape seed peeling – naturalness that will change your skin

Transform your skincare routine with the NaturaMisse Grape Seed Scrub that not only deeply cleanses but leaves your skin healthier and brighter with every use. Rich in carefully selected natural ingredients, this scrub offers an effective solution to blemishes and brings new life to your skin.

Why NaturaMisse grape seed peeling?

  • Intensive deep cleansing: Frees your skin from oily residue, dirt and dead skin cells without drying it out.

  • Natural sebum control: The balance of your skin is naturally regulated, resulting in a significant reduction in blackheads and a refined skin texture.

  • Compatibility: Specially developed for all skin types, except for very sensitive skin conditions, this peeling supports the maintenance of the health of your skin.

Purity you can trust:

Free from harsh chemicals and harmful additives - no SLS/SLES, no parabens, sulfates, silicones or perfumes. Our commitment to your skin's health is reflected in our selection of certified, purely plant-based ingredients that are rigorously cruelty-free.

Easy to use for noticeable results:

Massage the scrub onto wet face in gentle circles once or twice a week. Add a little water to transform it into a milky consistency and rinse to reveal soft, renewed skin. Avoid direct contact with water in the container to preserve the quality of the product.

Ingredients that make a difference:

Our formula contains grape seed powder, oat kernel flour, kaolin, natural oils and extracts that work synergistically to provide your skin with the necessary nutrients and enhance its natural beauty.

Use the power of nature with NaturaMisse grape seed peeling and experience how your skin becomes healthier and more radiant day after day. Treat yourself to this care product that not only works, but also pampers and protects your skin. Order now and feel the difference!