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Rosella Snail Cream 50mL

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Rosella snail cream 50 ml – Revolutionary care for your skin

Discover the healing power of nature with our Rosella Snail Cream. This advanced formula uses the secret of snail secretion, allantoin, known for its exceptional regenerative properties that promote skin renewal and rapidly form new tissue.

Product advantages:

  • Wrinkle reduction and anti-aging: Our cream effectively combats wrinkles and delays the signs of skin aging for a more youthful appearance.
  • Acne and blemishes: Helps eliminate acne and blemishes caused by acne.
  • Correction of skin discoloration: Effective against sun spots and other pigment disorders.
  • Repair and regeneration: Supports the healing of cracks in the skin that may occur after birth.
  • Protection and soothing: Provides protection against allergies and irritations, especially after shaving.


Apply daily to cleansed skin. Gently massage into affected areas for optimal results. Regular use of our snail cream helps remove toxins and promotes healthy, radiant skin.

Why you will love Rosella Snail Cream:

Our cream is not only enriched with allantoin, a powerful antioxidant, but also formulated to deeply nourish and protect your skin. Experience the luxurious texture and revitalizing effect of Rosella Snail Cream.