Silk peeling gloves - silk for sensitive skin

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Gentle silk peeling for sensitive skin - peeling gloves for face, bikini area and armpits

Our Silk Scrub is specially designed for sensitive areas such as the face, neck, armpits and bikini line. This gentle silk-based scrub gently removes dead skin cells and provides a deep cleanse.

Application of the Silk Scrub

Step 1: Preparation
Start with a warm shower to prepare the skin. Using a soap dispenser, apply soap to the body to lather it up.

Step 2: Exfoliation
Moisten the Silk Scrub with warm water and massage it in circular movements. Rinse the skin thoroughly with plenty of water after use.

Step 3: Frequency of use
Start with 1-2 applications per week. Observe your skin's reaction and increase or decrease the frequency accordingly.

Benefits of regular use

Regular use of our Silk Scrub can help fade acne scars and prevent future breakouts. It is also ideal for preparing the skin for a fake tan by ensuring an even tan.

Discover natural skin care

Incorporate our silk scrub into your beauty routine for a relaxing wellness treatment at home. Perfect for a thorough facial and body cleansing, our Silk Scrub provides gentle care and promotes healthy, radiant skin.