Kese Hamam Peeling Glove - Standard

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Kelebek Hamam Peeling Glove

(Standard Kelebek Kese)

Your ideal companion for radiant skin

Our white and elastic standard Kese Hamam peeling glove offers you the perfect solution for healthy and radiant skin. With our peeling gloves you can effectively remove dead skin and exfoliate both your face and body in a natural way.

Silk peeling glove for sensitive skin

For sensitive skin, we also offer a special silk variant that is gentle on your skin. This gently removes dry skin cells and leaves the skin smooth and radiant.

Benefits of regular body scrubs

Our exfoliating glove not only helps reduce acne scars and prevent future breakouts, but also thoroughly cleanses pores. It effectively helps eliminate blackheads and clogs.

Ideal preparation for artificial tanning

The glove removes old self-tan in seconds and without the use of chemicals or pain. Regular use optimally prepares your skin for the next tanning session, increases durability and ensures a more even tanning result.

Easy application and make-up preparation

The facial scrub makes it easier to apply makeup and provides a smoother look. Thanks to its elastic structure, the glove fits perfectly to your hand and ensures effective use.

Experience the benefits of gentle exfoliation and deep pore cleansing with our Kese Hamam Peeling Glove. Improve the appearance of your skin and enjoy the benefits of natural exfoliation.