Pomegranate natural soap

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Anadoa Pomegranate Natural Soap - Handmade

(Nar Sabunu)

Soap for hair and skin care.

Pomegranate seed oil nourishes the skin, tones and refreshes the skin and helps delay skin aging with its anti-aging property. It is also used for acne. It cleanses the skin of city dirt and, thanks to its high content of natural glycerin, moisturizes the skin during cleansing.

How is it used?

Leave the foam on your face for at least 2 minutes and then rinse with cold water. Anadoa soaps offer the most natural cleansing, not only for exfoliation but also for cleansing the body and hair.

Who should use it?

People exposed to the dirt of the city.

People with acne and similar skin problems

People with skin blemishes

Provides a peeling effect on the skin.

! Since our soaps do not contain any chemical hardeners, you must keep them dry.