Blue Mallow Flower Tea

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Blue Mallow Flower Tea

(Ebegümeci Tea)

Discover the gentle world of Blue Mallow Flower Tea

Arifoğlu presents the Blue Mallow Flower Tea in a 50g pack - a calming oasis for those who appreciate natural taste and relaxing moments. This tea, made from carefully selected blue mallow flowers, offers a unique blend of mild taste and beneficial properties, without the addition of sugar or artificial flavors.

Your source for natural relaxation and beauty:

  • Natural taste: Enjoy the pure and soothing taste that pampers your palate.

  • Relaxation for body and mind: Find peace and reduce stress with every cup of this tea.

  • Promote skin health: The rich antioxidants in blue mallow flowers can help improve the appearance of your skin.

  • Digestive support: May be helpful in relieving stomach discomfort such as bloating or heartburn and promote healthy digestion.

Easy to prepare, wonderful to enjoy:

Prepared with 2-3 teaspoons of the dried flowers or a tea bag, the blue mallow blossom tea develops its full aroma after steeping in hot water for 5-7 minutes. Sweeten as desired or refine with a dash of lemon juice for an individual enjoyment.

Why Blue Mallow Blossom Tea will become your new favorite tea:

This caffeine-free tea is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a natural and gentle tea alternative - ideal for relaxing evenings or for those sensitive to caffeine.