Organic mulberry molasses

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Organic White Mulberry Molasses

(Organic White Clouds)

Discover the natural sweetness and versatility of Arifoğlu Organic White Mulberry Molasses, obtained by cold pressing white mulberry. This organic product is not only a source of flavor but also valuable nutrients.

Our organic white mulberry molasses is characterized by its natural production. The cold-pressing process preserves all important vitamins and minerals such as iron and calcium. This delicious molasses is particularly rich in natural sugars and antioxidants that can promote health.

It goes perfectly on pancakes, in addition to yogurt, in smoothies or as a natural sweetener in your tea. Arifoğlu Organic White Mulberry Molasses is more than enough. For a natural energy boost, start your day by eating a tablespoon of this delicious molasses on an empty stomach.

Why you will love Arifoğlu Organik Beyaz Dut Pekmezi:

  • 100% natural and organic ingredients

  • Rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants

  • Versatile in your kitchen

  • Promotes healthy nutrition and vitality

Include Arifoğlu Organic Mulberry Molasses in your daily diet and experience how it makes your meals both tastier and more nutritious.

A real treat for anyone who values ​​healthy eating.