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Weile Gold Dermaroller 540 Needle 0.5 mm

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Weile Gold Dermaroller 540 needle 0.5 mm.

Thanks to the microtraumas created by the holes opened with the microneedles on the Derma Roller Skin Care Tool, it is ensured that the area repairs itself and the body renews itself. The increase in growth factors with the repair process starting in this region causes a significant increase in collagen tissue. It takes several months to see the maximum effect of Derma Roller.

The Derma Roller Skin Care Tool is used by inserting the needles from different directions at different angles over the target area of ​​treatment. The effect can be increased by using the Derma Roller in remedies during application.

With the absorption and application of healing agents on the skin's surface, success increases by up to 200 times. Although the micro titanium needles of the Derma Roller create a fine tingling sensation on the skin when applied, there is hardly any pain. However, by applying local anesthetic creams to the required area before applying the Derma Roller, you can eliminate possible pain and make the application more comfortable. Where are the Derma Roller's areas of application?

Problems under the eyes and around the eyes - care, cell renewal, cream absorption, skin care for cracks. Hair revitalization, light wrinkles, light lines, cell renewal, anti-aging, cream absorption. Mild wrinkles - lines, anti-aging in the face and neck area, cell renewal, absorption of the cream. Skin spots, light acne scars - wrinkles - lines, cell renewal, cream absorption, neck and décolleté area anti-aging. What is the effect of derma rollers?

It is based on the fact that the micro-damages caused by the Derma Roller application initiate the body's repair processes and its repairing corrective action increases collagen formation and blood circulation. The renewal of old and dry skin, the removal of dead layers and the emergence of new cells from below make an anti-aging contribution.