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Zühre Ana Stevia pine cone paste

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Zühre Ana Stevia pine cone paste

Natural support for diabetics

Discover the benefits of our Zühre Ana Stevia pine cone paste, specially formulated to provide a safe and healthy alternative for diabetics. Sweetened with stevia, this paste not only supports blood sugar regulation but also promotes overall health.

Diabetic-friendly formula:

Our paste is ideal for diabetics thanks to the natural sweetener stevia. It contains no added sugar, which means blood sugar levels remain stable without having to forego sweetness.

Health benefits:

  • Lung cleansing: The special ingredients help to cleanse the lungs of the harmful effects of smoking.
  • Immune system strengthening: The natural extracts in the paste strengthen the immune system and increase resistance to diseases.

Simple application:

We recommend taking 2 measuring spoons (equivalent to 10 ml or 2 tablespoons) in the morning and evening. Regular intake effectively supports your health.

Storage instructions:

Store the paste in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Make sure the product is kept out of the reach of children and in its original packaging.

Why you will love Zühre Ana Stevia pine cone paste:

This unique paste is not only a safe sweetener for diabetics, but also offers a wealth of health benefits that supplement daily nutritional needs and promote overall well-being. Enjoy the natural sweetness and health benefits without any worries.