Anadoa Clay Mask - Pink

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Anadoa Clay Mask - Pink 25 gr

(Pink Pig Mask)

Anadoa Pink Clay Mask provides the deep cleansing and nourishment your skin needs. Pink Clay Mask is a natural wonder that has been used for centuries for skin beauty and health.

Ideal for mature skin.

Removes dead cells from the skin.

Cellulite helps burn and drain localized fat.

Effective in the treatment of tissue sagging.

Combats the deterioration of connective tissue.

Stretches the skin, reduces sagging and wrinkles.

It is made from a special clay which, thanks to its rich minerals, has a detoxifying effect.

They have been dermatologically tested.

Cosmos and Ecocert certified 100% organic and natural Brazilian clay.

How is it used?

You can mix it with Anadoa rose water. It can also be mixed with drinking water. Apply it on your face, rinse after drying and feel the vitality of your skin.

      The pink clay mask will be an indispensable part of your skin care routine.