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Rosehip tea 20 bags

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Rosehip tea 20 bags

(20' South African Tea Pot)

Experience the natural boost with Arifoğlu rosehip tea in 20 bags

Arifoğlu presents you Rosehip Tea in convenient 20-pack bags, each bag packed with the benefits of rosehip. Known for its high vitamin C content and antioxidant properties, this tea offers an easy way to support your immune system while boosting your skin health.

A tea with versatile health benefits:

  • Vitamin C for your immune system: A cup of rose hip tea can help strengthen your immune system and improve your defenses.

  • Antioxidant Support: Protect your cells from free radicals and potential cellular damage with the antioxidants in each pouch.

  • Possible anti-inflammatory effects: Discover the anti-inflammatory properties of rose hips that can help reduce inflammation in the body.

  • Promotes digestion: The fiber contained in rose hip tea can aid digestion and contribute to regular bowel movements.

Easy to prepare for daily enjoyment:

Simply place a tea bag in a cup of freshly boiled water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. Enjoy the fruity and slightly sour taste of the rose hip, which some also describe as pleasantly tart and aromatic.

Why rosehip tea in 20 bags will become your new tea favorite:

The 20 bags of Arifoğlu rosehip tea not only offer health benefits, but also comfort and taste. Whether as a start to the day, to strengthen the immune system or simply as an enjoyable break - this tea is your ideal companion.