Anadoa Luffa Rose Natural Soap - Handmade

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Anadoa Luffa Rose Natural Soap - Handmade

(Lif Kabağı Lifli Naturally Growing Rose Soap)

Our soap with pure rose oil from the rose gardens of Isparta with its unique combination of pumpkin fibers will be an indispensable part of your daily care routine.

Anadoa's rose soap with pumpkin fibers brings the natural breeze and scent of rose gardens to your bathroom. Our soap with the unique rose scent does not dry out your skin thanks to natural glycerin and pumpkin fibers. It moisturizes, nourishes the skin and protects it from aging.

Our entirely handmade soap cleanses dead skin, renews cells and leaves skin radiant with the aromatherapeutic effects of the Ispartaya Rose Damascena plant. It is suitable for all skin types with its vegetable glycerin and 100% natural ingredients.

Handmade Fiber Rose Soap

What does rose soap do?

  • It moisturizes the skin with the skin-tightening properties of rose and the nourishing effects of pumpkin fibers.

  • It evens out skin tone and reduces skin color irregularities.

  • It prevents the formation of acne and blemishes, soothes the skin and relieves irritation.

  • Thanks to the antioxidant properties of the rose, it rejuvenates the skin and reduces the signs of aging.

  • It also gives the hair vitality and shine.

How to use it?

Soak the fibrous part of the soap in a little hot water and lather it in your hand. Then you can use the fibrous part to spread the soap on your face in circular motions without pressing too hard. Leave the lather on your face for at least 2 minutes, reapply the fibrous part and rinse your face with cold water.

Since our soaps do not contain chemical hardeners, you should store them in a dry place.

Anadoa soaps offer the most natural cleansing not only for exfoliation but also for body and hair cleansing.

Who should use it?

  • Those who have dead skin layer on their skin due to cold or various reasons,

  • People with oily skin, as it balances the oiliness of the skin,

  • People with uneven skin tone,

  • Those with dry skin.