HC Care Volume Shampoo

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HC Care Volume Shampoo

( HC Volume Hacim Shampoo - 340 ml)

Maximum volume for your hair

Treat your hair to extra care with the HC Volume Shampoo, specially developed for fine and sensitive hair and all hair types that need more volume. Our rich formula combines plant extracts, volume active ingredients, beta-glucan, keratin, proteins, argan oil, amino acids and vitamins to not only give your hair more volume, but also strengthen its health and resistance to external influences.

HC PHYTO COMPLEX™: Natural extracts for strong hair

The patented HC Phyto Complex™ contains a selection of plant extracts such as ginseng, chamomile and avocado to nourish and strengthen the hair.

Volume active ingredients for long-lasting fullness

Our special volume active ingredients ensure lasting and intense fullness, make the hair easy to shape and give it shine, while protecting it from moisture loss and environmental influences.

Beta-glucan and argan oil: strengthening and protection

Beta-glucan, naturally derived from Swedish oat kernels, increases the thickness and volume of the hair, while argan oil, rich in vitamin E, intensively nourishes and protects.

Free from harmful chemicals

Without SLES, SLS, parabens and formaldehyde, our HC Volume Shampoo offers safe and effective care to keep your hair naturally beautiful and healthy.