HC Care Shampoo for Dry & Normal Hair

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HC Care Shampoo for Dry & Normal Hair

( HC Care Normal and Dry Hair Shampoo (340ml)

Revolutionary care for your hair

Forget ordinary shampoos! Discover the special formula of HC Shampoo, developed to gently cleanse and intensively nourish your hair without damaging it. Our unique blend of plant extracts, shea butter, phytokeratin, biotin, amino acids and essential vitamins and minerals strengthens your hair and increases its resistance to external influences.

HC PHYTO COMPLEX™: The power of nature in your shampoo

HC PHYTO COMPLEX™, a patented combination of ginseng, chamomile, avocado, green tea, olive leaves and many other herbal extracts, supplies your hair with the concentrated power of nature.

Phytokeratin: Strengthening and protection for damaged hair

Phytokeratin, obtained from corn, wheat and soy, helps particularly dry or damaged hair to regenerate and gain more volume.

Vitamin blend: vitality and shine for every hair type

Our vitamin blend, consisting of vitamins A, E, F and H (biotin), supports the natural beauty and health of your hair.

Shea butter and amino acids: deep care and moisture

Shea butter, rich in vitamins, protects and hydrates your hair, while arginine and our amino acid complex strengthen the hair structure and promote natural shine.

Free from harmful chemicals

Free from SLES, SLS, parabens and formaldehyde, our HC Shampoo is the perfect choice for healthy and beautiful hair. Prove that natural and organic ingredients can support your hair better than synthetic alternatives.