HC Care Anti-Pore & Blackhead Serum with Niacinamide and Zinc

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HC Care Anti-Pore & Blackhead Serum with Niacinamide and Zinc

( HC Care Niacinamide Serum - 30ml)

Regulating and refining the skin

Improve the appearance of your skin with HC Niacinamide 5%, Zinc 2% Serum, specifically formulated to control excess sebum and reduce the appearance of blemishes and enlarged pores. This powerful serum combines Niacinamide and Zinc PCA to soothe skin and balance oil production, which is especially helpful for acne-prone skin.

Niacinamide and zinc: clear skin and reduced pores

Niacinamide helps strengthen the skin barrier and minimize the visibility of pores, while zinc has anti-inflammatory properties that help fight blemishes and soothe the skin.

Additional skin soothing ingredients

Contains panthenol and allantoin, which soothe and moisturize the skin, as well as witch hazel, which is known for its astringent properties and tightens pores.

Light and effective formula

The serum absorbs quickly and leaves a clean, non-greasy finish, ideal for daily use and integration into any skincare routine.

Free from harmful chemicals

Free of parabens, SLS and formaldehyde, our serum provides safe and effective care to keep your skin healthy and clear.