Ocean soap with loofah fiber

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Luffa Ocean Natural Soap

Soap bar, natural and artificial ingredients, gently cleanse and protect your skin. Live meat, natural veggies (vegetable veggies), small amounts and their formula contain traces of veggies that can cause allergic reactions:

Children's Toxicology and Asthma Infection Prevention:

In this way, the toxins in the blood can be removed and stored for a long time.

Derin Nemlendirici:

When the fruit is sown in the ground, it is better to use the spray bottle to clean the area and prevent it from drying out.

Purpose and explanation:

When you remove the protective film, you can easily remove the protective film.

Anında Ferahlık View:

Aromatics and high humidity in the bathroom produce intense aromas and aromas, which can be seen in the pictures.

Blackheads, blemishes, acne and skin problems often occur, but the skin around the eyes is not completely free. When the sun is shining, the black dots and the oil are almost dry. When the sun shines, the black dots turn yellow and the oil turns white, so the sun shines and shines.

When you use natural flowers and fruits with natural ingredients, Loofah Ocean Soap naturally exfoliates with a mild soap.

Fruit glycerin antioxidants reduce the keratinocytes in the skin and thus increase the pH of the skin. When animals are infected, toxic substances form in the blood and the skin becomes dry.

% of natural soaps or their additives are found in the skin, and the skin is completely absorbed.


Luffa Ocean Natural Soap

Ocean Soap offers deep cleansing and skin care with its natural and herbal ingredients. This special formula, which contains pumpkin loofah, natural glycerin (especially fruit glycerin), herbal essences and water, revitalizes your skin and offers the following important benefits:

Detoxifies the skin and provides freshness:

Cleanses your skin thoroughly, removes toxins and leaves it feeling fresh.

Deep hydration:

Fruit glycerin penetrates deep into the skin, provides long-lasting moisture and prevents dryness.

Smoothness and shine:

Smoothes the skin surface and gives it a healthy shine.

Instant freshness:

The aromatic and pleasant scent creates an ocean breeze feeling on your skin while showering and offers instant freshness.

While it fights against black dots, pimples, acne and skin blemishes, it opens the pores and facilitates the skin's breathing. It removes black dots and excess oil on oily skin, cleanses and refreshes the skin. The Loofah Ocean Soap, enriched with real flower and fruit essences harvested in their season, offers natural nutrition to your skin.

The antioxidant properties of fruit glycerin protect the skin from signs of aging and balance the pH of the skin. It increases the elasticity of the skin, helps in the removal of toxins and makes the skin smooth.

With this 100% natural soap you will see how your skin becomes healthier, more vibrant and fresher with each use.