Calendula oil

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Calendula oil (marigold oil)

(Aynisafa Yağı)

Your partner for radiant skin and healthy hair!

Treat yourself to the pure natural power of our calendula oil, which not only pampers your skin with its moisturizing and nourishing effect, but also offers natural protection from the sun's rays. Obtained from the carefully selected flowers of the calendula, this oil is a must for anyone who values ​​natural beauty care.

Why Calendula oil is unique:

Intensive moisturizing care: Our special formula helps to deeply hydrate the skin and gently care for dry areas for a noticeably softer skin feel.

Natural soothing: The oil's anti-inflammatory properties have a soothing effect on sensitive and irritated skin, promoting regeneration and giving a healthy appearance.

Sun protection: With its natural sun protection properties, calendula oil offers an additional protection factor to your daily routine.

Simplicity and versatility in use:

For the skin: Apply one to two drops to clean skin and massage gently. Slightly moistening the skin before application can improve absorption.

For hair: Mix a few drops with your favorite shampoo or apply directly to the scalp for deep conditioning.

Suitable for all skin types: Thanks to its gentle formulation, our Calendula oil is suitable for all skin types, including very sensitive skin.

A notice:

Please note that this description is not intended to make any health claims and that the benefits listed merely provide general information about the potential benefits of calendula oil. The information should not be used as medical advice or as a substitute for professional medical advice.