Nettle water

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Nettle water

(Isırgan Suyu)

Experience the transformative effect of nettle juice on your health and vitality!

Nettle water, obtained through the gentle steam distillation of the aerial parts of the nettle, is a natural wonder remedy that offers numerous health benefits. This herbal water is known for its detoxifying properties and its ability to nourish skin and hair.

Main benefits of nettle water:

  • Natural Detoxification: Nettle water effectively helps the body eliminate toxins and pollutants, contributing to improved overall health.

  • Soothing skin care: Thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, nettle water can help relieve skin problems such as acne, eczema and skin irritations.

  • Promote Hair Health: Enriched with essential nutrients, nettle water supports hair growth, improves scalp health, and can help regulate excess oil and strengthen hair.

Application recommendations:

  • Easy to use: Mix a tablespoon of nettle water in a cup (200 ml) of warm water and enjoy this invigorating drink.

Why you will love nettle water:

Although the taste may be perceived as slightly tart or grassy, ​​you will appreciate the antioxidant properties and the deep detoxification that nettle water offers your body. It is not only a refreshing drink, but also a health elixir that serves your daily well-being.

Experience the natural cleansing and revitalization with nettle water and make it an integral part of your health routine.