Hanzade Propolis Atom Tea

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Hanzade Propolis Atom Tea

(Propolis Atom Tea)


Hanzade Propolis Atom Tea is natural based. The plants are not subjected to any chemical process during production. It is a high quality and safe product that does not contain GMOs.

Does not contain thickeners: It is a purely herbal product, there are no thickeners in its content, its consistency is formed by the natural fibrous structure of the delicious plants from its content.

It can help with colds in winter.

It can help strengthen physical resistance

How is it used?

Place one cube of atom tea in a cup with a large mug or glass of your choice, mix and drink for about 30 seconds.

Why will you love this product?

With Hanzade Atom Tea, the natural flavors and goodness of the plants you miss are in every sip. Hanzade Atom Tea is a completely natural product made from carefully selected plants from nature.