Traditional flavours

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Traditional flavours

(Joint Exclamation Point)

Ottoman Spices 50gr

(Osmanli Bible)

How is it used?

It can be used in many recipes in the required quantity, such as casseroles, oven dishes with vegetables and meat, okra with meat, juicy meatballs, pasta with minced meat, fried meat, roast beef or fried liver.

Anne (Mother) Meatballs - Spice 65gr.

(Anne's Meat Market)

How is it used?

2 tablespoons of Arifoğlu “Anne Meatballs Spice” are mixed with crumbled dry bread or breadcrumbs into the meatball mixture and used as a mortar.

Ottoman Coffee, 250gr

(Osmalı Coffee, 250gr)

How is it used?

Pour the water into the bowl. Add the coffee and sugar (if needed). Stir well to dissolve the coffee and sugar. Stop stirring at this point. Place the cezve on the stove over medium heat. After a few minutes, the coffee will rise and froth. Just before it starts to boil, remove the pot from the heat. Skim off the foam and put a little of it in each serving cup. Place the cezve back on the stove and slowly allow it to froth again. Pour the coffee very slowly into the cups so that the foam rises to the top.