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Natural anti-dandruff shampoo: effective solution against dandruff

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Siveno Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

(Natural Hair Growth Shampoo/Siveno %100 Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo)


Effective dandruff control : The natural shampoo with tea tree oil is effective against dandruff.

Effective against hair loss : The special oils and the improved formula also work against hair loss.

Scientifically tested: BioArge microbiology laboratories have proven effectiveness against the Malassezia Furfur fungus that causes dandruff.

Reduces dandruff: Effectively removes dead skin cells and prevents dandruff.

Strengthened hair: The formula with Keklik Üzümü Ekstresi strengthens the hair and at the same time works against hair loss.

Free from harmful substances: No sulfates, synthetic fragrances, phenoxyethanol, SLS/SLES, ammonia, parabens, silicone or dyes.

Vegan certified: Guaranteed without animal testing.

Eco-friendly packaging: Sustainable packaging to protect the environment.


Massage gently into wet hair and scalp, lather and rinse thoroughly.

Why will you love this product?

Siveno's Natural Anti-Dandruff Shampoo offers an effective solution to dandruff and hair loss. With natural ingredients and an environmentally friendly formula, it is the ideal choice for healthy and beautiful hair. Experience a dandruff-free scalp and strengthened hair naturally.

Ingredients and details:

Tea tree oil, Keklik Üzümü Ekstresi: has an anti-dandruff effect.

Hops extract: Strengthens the hair roots and counteracts hair loss.

Nettle extract: Nourishes hair from root to tip and prevents hair loss. Gives hair vitality and shine.

Horsetail extract: Supports healthy hair growth, prevents damage and breakage.

Calendula extract: Helps repair damaged hair strands.

Chamomile extract: Provides effective care for sensitive scalp.

Green tea extract: Promotes shiny and voluminous hair. Regulates sebum and delays oiliness.

Linden blossom extract: Promotes the growth of new hair and prevents rapid greasing and dandruff formation.