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Nail and cuticle care balm

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Incia Nail and Cuticle Care Balm 15 mL.

(Natural Nail Balm / Nails and Cuticles Care Balm)

Natural beauty for your nails

Pamper your nails and cuticles with Incia Nail and Cuticle Care Balm, a specially formulated treatment that provides intense moisture and nourishment. Experience the difference with a product made entirely from natural ingredients that keeps your nails healthy and beautiful.

Product features:

  • Intensive care: Our balm provides deep care and revitalization of your nails and cuticles.
  • Natural ingredients: Enriched with nourishing argan oil and the refreshing scent of grapefruit oil, our balm offers comprehensive care.
  • 100% Natural: Free from mineral oils, silicones, synthetic colors and perfumes, our balm guarantees safe and effective care.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging: Packaged in 100% recyclable materials, our balm supports a sustainable lifestyle.
  • Skin-friendly: Gentle on the skin and ideal for daily use.


Apply a small amount of balm to nails and cuticles and massage gently. For optimal results, use regularly and enjoy healthy and shiny nails.

Why you will love this product:

The Incia nail and cuticle care balm is not just a care product, but an experience. It nourishes your nails with valuable natural oils, protects against drying out and gives a healthy shine. Enjoy the feeling of well-groomed nails and cuticles, every day.